About Discovery Technology International Inc. (DTI)

Discovery Technology International is a leader in ultrasonic standing wave-type piezo motor technology. Our experience in the research and development as well as the manufacturing of piezomotors for high-tech industries across the globe is second to none. Driven by the demands of our customers for cutting edge, innovative design and technology, DTI has developed a line of piezomotors to satisfy the needs of today’s markets.

As a company we are continuously striving to ensure that our products provide the cutting-edge solutions necessary to keep our customers at the head of the pack.

We also fully understand that our worldwide customers value the ability to choose the products they require from a company they can trust understands the science behind the applications. As the designer and manufacturer of the majority of the products that we sell, our customers have the peace-of-mind that our trained technical staff and engineers possess the necessary experience and expertise to deal with any technical questions quickly and effectively. Furthermore, each new product that we introduce has been carefully chosen for quality, reliability and value. We are confident therefore that our products will exceed your highest expectations.

We particularly pride ourselves on the quality of our customer care and recognize that our strength and success lies in building long-term customer relationships based on the enduring principles of understanding, respect and trust.

We very much look forward to working with you.

– Dr. Mark P. Broderick, CEO