Industry Applications

DTI’s ultrasonic piezo motors are used around the world in various applications and products within biomedicine, optics, semiconductor and nanotechnology as well as industrial electronic and automotive systems just to name a few.

Industrial Applications

Industrial Equipment

DTI products are used in broad range of industrial equipment applications, including food and pharmaceutical processing, gas and oil pipelines, power reactors, chemical reactors, steam/water pipelines, and vacuum systems.

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Aerospace Applications

Aerospace Industry

From piezoelectric motors for use in aircraft cabin equipment to miniature robotic systems for use in satellites, DTI offers a broad range of high performance solutions for high precision motion control systems.

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Medical Applications

Medical Devices

The medical industry has long depended on cutting edge technology to provide patients with the best care possible. From Imaging to scanning and robotic surgical devices; the applications for piezoelectric motor technology is broad and the technology is key in providing the best care possible.

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