Aerospace and Defense

From piezoelectric motors for use in aircraft cabin equipment to miniature robotic systems for use in satellites, DTI offers a broad range of high performance solutions for high precision motion control systems.

Aircraft Valves & Cabin Equipment

Piezoelectric motors can be used direct drive, without the need for gearing or an electrical break, making them idea actuators for various valve types in aircraft where space and weight limitations are extremely important. In addition the silent operation of a piezoelectric motor makes them perfect for use in environments that require low noise, such as aircraft cabins.

Satellite & Remote Robotics

Piezoelectric motors are extremely precise and accurate (e.g. capable of nanometer resolutions). This makes them ideal for satellite and robotic applications where accurate positioning of tools and sensors is critical.

Unmanned Aerial Systems

Unmanned aerial systems demand precision and low weight. The low-weight design of DTI’s piezomotors, coupled with their high resolution and direct drive characteristic provides key advantage in these applications.