Piezo Valves

Motorized valves are used throughout many of the largest industries such as medical devices, industrial and lab analysis equipment, food and drug, semiconductor, as well as aerospace and automotive. The vast majority of motorized valves rely on conventional EM motors, which can be bulky, slow responding and inefficient.

DTI has collaborated with a range of customers from different industries to develop customized motorized valve solutions based on DTI’s piezoelectric technology. The result has been a range of unique valves which have been shown to provide a superior slim-line and efficient design compared to conventional valves used in many applications. Furthermore, the DTI piezoelectric valves react faster and are more precise, while at the same time they consume zero energy in the hold position (for a list of advantages see table).

Conventional (EM-based) Motorized Valve Flow Control System Piezoelectric Motorized Valve Flow Control System
Two valves needed: (1) Fast-action “cut-off” (2) Precision-action “flow-control” One valve performs as both “cut-off” & “flow-control” valve
Long open/close times 10-times faster open/close time
Fluid flow control not precise 50-times more precise flow control
Reaction time slow 100-times faster reaction time
Consume power in hold position Consumes no power in hold position
Requires high energy; may spark Lower energy without sparking
Overheating/burnout if jammed Will not overheat or burnout if jammed
Piezo electric-driven metal ball valves (I.D.s from ¼” to 1 ¼”)
Specialty miniature piezo electric-driven metal ball valves (I.D. 1 mm)
Piezo electric-driven plastic ball valves (I.D.s ½” to 2 ½”)

Various other piezo electric-driven ball valves
Other specialty piezo electric-driven valves (Eccentric and Linear Eccentric Pinch Valves)