Piezo Motion acquires DTI

PiezoMotion DTI Coming Soon

Piezo Motion acquires DTI, announces release of new line of piezoelectric motors without the piezo price tag Piezo Motion Corp is a pioneering innovator committed to making piezo technology accessible to more users across wider industries.  (March 8, 2021) SARASOTA, Fla. – Piezo Motion Corp this week announced the acquisition of Discovery Technology International, Inc.,…

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Small in Size – Large in Power – Piezo Motors

Piezoelectric motors can be used in a variety of applications due to their exact movements and the compact nature of their design. Piezo motors can duplicate a motion many thousands of times without sustaining wear and tear the way a traditional motor design would. This is due to the deforming and responsiveness of the ceramic…

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What Industries are Piezo Electric Motors Used For?

Piezoelectric motors have been commercialized in various areas such as information technology, robotics, biomedical engineering, automotive, ecological and energy engineering.  They are often preferred over electromagnetic type actuators, due mainly to suitability to miniaturization, lack of electromagnetic generation, higher efficiency. Piezoelectric motors vary significantly in shapes and manufacturing technologies driven by the needs of distinctly…

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What is a Piezoelectric Motor?

The word piezo comes from the Greek word “piezein”, which means to squeeze or press. The piezoelectrical effect is best described as the ability of some materials, (e.g. piezoceramics, piezoelement) to generate an electrical charge in response to a mechanical force (e.g. being squeezed or pressed). The piezoelectric effect is reversible, in that materials exhibiting…

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