(In Development) Micro-Injection | Micro-Suction | Rapid Sampling | Continuous Flow Model # MDP -1124

Micropump Specifications

Mode of OperationMicro-injection/suction & cont. flow
Minimum Flow Rate30 µl/hr
Maximum Flow Rate300 ml/hr
Volume per 360° rotation50 µl
Minimum delivered volume*1.6 nl (1.6 x10-9 L)
Reverse time of flow< 1ms
Maximum Pressure48 kPa (7.0 psi)
Tubing Typesilicone
Tubing Dimensions3.0 (O.D.) X 1.5 mm (I.D.) X 75 (L)
Power0.5 to 4.5 W 12V DC
Pump Dimensions66.2 X 52.0 X 55.2 (mm)



Traditional peristaltic pumps employ standard electromagnetic motors (e.g. stepper motors) to provide a measured level of dispensing volume and flow rate. Further reduction of dispensing volume and flow rate is then achieved by installation of a gearhead/reducer. One of the drawbacks in introducing a reducer in such a system is that it creates inferior flow dynamics caused by factors such a hysteresis and backlash. These problems are particularly noticeable when a very slow flow/step rate is desired, often resulting in a limitation of the range of flow rate to just 2 orders of magnitude. In addition, such stepper-based micropump systems cannot readily work as a microinjector due to the inability to produce consistent reproducible tiny dispensing volumes in short periods of time.

The Solution

The disadvantages of stepper-based micropump systems have recently been solved by the development of a unique miniature Micro Dosing Pump  based on a novel piezoelectric motor (piezomotor) technology developed by DTI. At the heart of the new Micro Dosing Pump  is a precise miniature rotary piezomotor, integrated with an optical encoder (32,000 PPR), that is directly coupled to a peristaltic pump head providing a direct-drive mechanism. The end result is an economical Micro Dosing Pump system that eliminates the drawbacks of traditional systems and provides unsurpassed dynamic range of flow rate with ultra-smooth delivery and single nanoliter droplet dispensing capability. The new Micro Dosing Pump  can be used in micro-injection, micro-suction, rapid sampling, scanning microflow and continuous flow mode applications. Furthermore, the exceptional dynamic properties of the underlying piezoelectric motor enable the Micro Dosing Pump to operate precisely at high frequency (i.e. >100 Hz).

The new Micro Dosing Pump  represents a quantum leap in design of small size high-precision fluid delivery systems. Injection-molded using extremely durable, but light weight engineered reinforced thermoplastics, the Micro Dosing Pump  provides economical cost with superior performance and precision and ultrafast response/start-stop characteristics. Highly energy efficient, the Micro Dosing Pump  consumes zero power in hold position.

The Micro Dosing Pump  is available as a standalone unit with programmable LCD display (as shown), or as a pump-head module with controller pcb and software for OEM developers.

Unique Multifunctional Control

The Micro Dosing Pump can be manually programmed via the LCD interface. The unique properties of the underlying piezomotor control enables the Micro Dosing Pump to perform three operational modes:

Continuous mode - Micro Dosing Pump  functions in a similar manner as a traditional peristaltic pump.

Pulse mode -  Micro Dosing Pump functions as a micro-injection/micro-suction device.

Custom mode - provides unlimited programmable control of all pump functions utilizing DTI’s freely available Python API*.

*Python is an interpreted high-level programming language for general-purpose programming and is compatible with a range of economical third-party hardware (e.g. Raspberry Pi). See https://github.com/dti-motors for more information and to download the API and sample programs.

micro dosing pump LCD

The replaceable tubing designed for quick and easy interchange.



The Micro Dosing Pump is also available to developers as an OEM unit, consisting of motorized pump-head assembly and pcb controller. The pcb controller is compatible with a range of third-party hardware/microcontrollers and OS's (e.g. Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Unix, Windows etc.)

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