RAS Series
Torque 0.5 to 2.5mN.

COMING SOON – DTI’s smallest piezo motor ever produced (10 mm and only 4 g!)


DTI’s RAS Series rotary piezo motor represents a quantum leap in design of ultra-small size high-performance DC motors. Injection-molded using extremely durable, but light weight engineered reinforced thermoplastics, the RAS Series provides low cost with superior precision and ultrafast response/start-stop characteristics. Highly energy efficient, the RAS Series consumes zero power in hold position while still providing adequate torque. Available in a variety of configurations (including non-magnetic) the RAS Series is the ideal choice for high volume demanding OEM applications where superior performance and economical unit cost are important factors.

Motor Specifications
Mode of Operation Stepping & Continuous
Maximum Torque Up to 2.5 mN.m*
Self-braking Torque Up to 2.8 mN.m*
Maximum Speed Up to 900 rpm*
Minimum Angular Step <20 arc sec (100 µrads)
Dynamic Range 4 kHz
Supply Voltage for Driver 5 VDC
Operating Temperature -20° to 80°C
Response Time 10 µsec to 15 µsec
Operating Current @ max speed 50mA to 300mA
Motor Weight 4 g
Motor Dimensions (mm) 13 (Ø10) x 18.5 x 6.9 mm
Driver PCB Dimensions (mm) 40 x 20 mm

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