RBS Series Solid Shaft


Newly released metal shaft rotary piezomotor engineered using very latest reinforced thermoplastics providing high quality and exceptional performance for OEM applications demanding reliable and economical motion control solutions. Fully nonmagentic version maybe available for development. (Contact DTI using the request info tab.)

Motor SpecificationsStandardEncoder
Mode of Operation Stepping & Continuous
Maximum Torque>30mN.m
Self Braking Torque>40mN.m
Response Time30µs to 50µs
Maximum Speed>100rpm
Minimum Angular Step (resolution) <10µrad
Minimum controlled angular Step N/A196µrad
Uni-directional Repeatability N/A+/- 1 arc-min
Dynamic Range 4 kHz
Angular Hysteresis of Rotational Axis at Direction Change <10µrad
Supply Voltage for Driver 12 VDC
Operating Temperature -20° to 80°C
Max Current over velocity range 350mA
Motor Weight 68g76g
Motor Dimensions (mm) 66x52x2066x52x31
Driver PCB Dimensions (mm) 48x63x1548x63x25
Control Open loopClosed loop

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